Model On A find Wings!

Model On A find Wings!

July 03, 2017

Glad to partner with Modelonamission Magazine, one of our favorite blogs about travel, style and beauty tips.  

As a young girl Nora, the blogger for modelonamission, traveled the world and continued to do so. First to visit her family in Indonesia then to live abroad in the Caribbean and USA. Her passion for travel, luxury, fashion and health are combined in this blog. Wings Intimates caught her attention as a brand that combines all her interest. A stylish product that is beautiful and great for  travel.  In her blog modelonamission, she shares her knowledge of the best destinations  that every young woman should visit in her life, and products that everyone should have. 

Currently she spends most of her time in Europe and travels a couple times a year to tropical destinations. Her vision is to live a life you believe in and don’t be swayed by what others tell you to do. Life is short, begin doing what you want to do now and follow your hearts desire....a philosophy aligned with ours at Wings Intimates!

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