Why Wings

The Wings Women are leaders everywhere, from the CEO who runs a fortune 500 company, the homemaker who heads her household,
to the young woman chasing her dream. Wings Woman knows that her strength comes from her inner feminine power.
She is self-aware and ambitious. She is soft and sensual, yet strong and raw.

Wings gives you the ability to replace your panties with a fresh pair when traveling on business. No more stripping off your pants & shoes in a public bathroom! Our new signature closure and side-opening design gives you effortless convenience while traveling and a quick change to freshen up when you have limited time.

All Wings panties come in a uniquely designed pouch that easily fits in your back pocket, purse or travel bag for convenience.

 Go right from day into night, without the frustration of having to take everything off, and get ready in a flash!
-With your Wings you will be ready in a cinch without the hassle.

Wings enhances women’s lives in all different circumstances by allowing them a quick change of panties instantly & effortlessly,
with our new signature W side-opening design because we believe, “Every Woman Needs Her Wings”.


Wings Testimonial from Wings Intimates on Vimeo.