Here's to Trying Something New!

Here's to Trying Something New!

July 07, 2017

Since time immemorial, women have found themselves participating in an unpleasant kind of women's movement. Teetering on one leg in a public bathroom or locker-­room while wriggling out of shoes, hose and clothing just to make a panty change.

In today's fast moving world, where instant satisfaction and a seamless process is a way of life, we thought there must be a better way for women on the go to change their undies wherever and whenever.  

So we decided to try something NEW!

We created the side-opening panties with our signature W closure to solve the problem and do it stylishly so you can change without taking the rest of your clothes off.  By combining fashion with function, Wings aims to make women feel strong and ready to seize the day while still feeling sexy from the inside out. 

wings animated video from Wings Intimates on Vimeo.



We even designed a beautiful pouch so women can discreetly carry a fresh pair in their back pocket, bag or luggage and reuse it to carry the old panties in. 

From feminine hygiene needs to mobility issues to women simply wanting a fresh pair before leaving the office for a night out, or just because it's the most comfortable and sexy pair of panties in your drawer.... Try a pair today and let us know why you're happy you tried something NEW today!

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