Every Woman Needs Her Wings Panties

Every Woman Needs Her Wings Panties

September 08, 2016

Welcome Wings Women!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Wings Intimates, a delicately designed, easy to take on and off underwear that gets you feeling fresh, fast. 

Wings Intimates is a company for women by women, believing that “Every woman needs her Wings panties”.

In today’s fast moving world, where instant satisfaction and a seamless process is a way of life, we created a new technology in women’s intimate apparel that enhances women’s lives by allowing them a quick change of panties instantly, with our new signature W side-opening design. The Wings Women are leaders everywhere,
from the CEO who runs a fortune 500 company, the homemaker who heads her household, to the young woman chasing her dream. A Wings Woman knows that her strength comes from her inner feminine power. She is self-aware and ambitious. She is soft and sensual, yet strong and raw.



The Wings Team

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